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Would you like to be a part of the Georgia Apple Festival?

The Georgia Apple Festival features some of the Nation’s finest artists and crafters. A wide variety of unique, hand-made creations, live music, and fantastic festival food are offered throughout the event. 


Food vendors and crafters will fill out the same application so it is important to correctly mark your category.

**If you would like more than one booth space, please click booth button to match the requested spaces.**

Preauthorization of payment is required at the time of registration. The payment information is stored securely and no charges will be made until Jury approval, if you are not selected your information will be erased from our system. 

GAF blacksmith (3).jpg

Are you demonstrating a skilled craft?

We are always looking for ways to better the experience for festival goers. Please fill out this application, and we will reach out to see if we are a great fit. for each other. 

Back of a group of volunteers

Would you like to help? This is a non-profit fundraising event that is only possible thanks to our many volunteers and our community sponsors. Want to know more? Fill out this form and we will be in touch. 

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