Apply to be a Vendor

Please find the appropriate application for your category. Do note that we are a handmade, handcrafted festival only. We do not allow commercial products or services to exhibit.

Read the application and rules in their entirety before applying. A complete application will include the application, appropriate photos, and payment. Applications will not be reviewed until after the March 31, 2022 deadline.

Finally, please note that we do not maintain any type of waiting or mailing list(s) from year to year. You must reapply each year. We appreciate your interest in the 2022 Georgia Apple Festival.

Application Process:

March 31 - Applications with full payment are due. Payments will not be deposited until you are accepted as a 2022 vendor. Please make note that applications will not be processed until after the March 31 deadline, regardless of when they are received. If you are not accepted into the show, your check will be returned or your card will not be charged. No applications will be reviewed by the jury before the March 31 deadline.

April - The Georgia Apple Festival jury meets to select festival participants. Selection is based on quality and skill in workmanship, original and creative ideas, as well as attractiveness. The jury also strives to create a diverse festival of unique crafts and artist types.

Mid-May - Acceptance letters or non-acceptance letters with refunds will be sent following the jury process. Letters will be sent by US Postal Service. The decision of the Georgia Apple Festival jury is final. Acceptance or non-acceptance will not be discussed over the phone by festival staff.

August 1 - Any withdrawal from the festival must be done in writing before August 1, 2022, for a full refund. No refunds will be given after August 1. Emails are acceptable and should be sent using our contact form.

If you're having trouble viewing the applications, please download Adobe Reader.