Ellijay Apples


Seven reasons to drive past your grocery store to North Georgia for apples.

Absolutely the best. That's what you get when you pick Ellijay for apples. Nestled in the mighty Appalachian Mountains, Ellijay is the heart of Georgia's apple country, From late August to December, roadside stands abound with the tastiest, tree-ripened mountain apples available. And by buying direct from the growers, you are assured of getting better tasting, fresher, less expensive apples amidst some of the state's most breathtaking scenery.


Take a bite of a ripe North Georgia apple with napkin in hand. Grocery store apples, fresh out of cold storage, can be up to a year old and mighty short on juice. Ellijay apples, grown in Georgia's Apple Capital, are the first new crop available in the country every year. The season begins in late August and runs through December.


Cool mountain nights produce the best tasting, crispiest apples. A taste test held by the University of Georgia found that consumers overwhelmingly preferred Georgia apples over Washington state apples.


Step inside any of the roadside stands listed below and you will get a jolt of sweet/tart aroma from hundreds of ripe apples, hand picked from orchards so recently that green leaves still cling to their stems.


You'll find all the familiar varieties like Red and Golden Delicious, but you'll also discover some not always available in many chain grocery stores, like Gala, Winesap and Mutsu.


Where else can you find apple products like homemade apple butter, fried apple pies and old-fashioned cider pressed from apples?


A drive for apples takes you into the beautiful Appalachian Mountains. Plus, most of apple season coincides with a breathtaking display of autumn colors.


Apples are high in dietary fiber, low in sodium and contain no cholesterol. A medium-sized apple contains only 80 calories. Because Ellijay apples take well to drying, frying, baking and stewing, they're delicious at any meal or as a snack.

Ellijay Apple Varieties

The following is a listing of the main varieties of apple. Other varieties are also available.

Variety Available Flavor Best Use
Ginger Gold
Swiss Gourmet
Early Sweet Eating
Ozark Gold
Early Tart Cooking
Red Delicious
Gold Delicious
Early-Mid Sweet Eating
Empire Early-Mid Tart Cooking
Honey Crisp
Gold Rush
Mid Sweet Eating
Jonagold Mid Sweet/Tart Cooking/Eating
Mutsu Mid-Late Sweet/Tart Cooking/Eating
Rome Beauty Mid-Late Slightly Tart Cooking/Eating
Granny Smith
Mid-Late Tart Cooking/Eating
Fuji Late Sweet Cooking/Eating
Pink Lady® Brand (Cripps Pink Variety)
Late Sweet Eating
Arkansas Black Late Tart Eating