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Current as of September 24, 2014. Subject to change.

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Al Bandy Food Smoked trout, fried green tom Both
Alan Johnson Wood Chainsaw carved art 2nd
Albert O'Shields Food Boiled peanuts, roasted peanuts Both
Alberta & Joseph Blazina Wood, Glass Rustic wood mirrors, stained glass Both
Alex Chronis Food Greek food Both
Algie Jones Wood Birdhouses Both
Alicia Mapp Jewelry Soldered and stamped jewelry Both
Amanda Zeigler Wood Handpainted signs Both
Amy Lundy Jewelry Hand-stamped metal jewelry 2nd
Andy & Anne Bond Wood Nail crosses Both
Ashlee Godfrey Accessories Crocket ribbon necklaces Both
Ashley Houston Clothing hand waxed and dyes batiks 1st
Barbara Badenhope Clay - functional Teapot garden art Both
Barbara Kemp Floral, Wood Seasonal wood crafts & florals Both
Barbara Krueger Furniture Lanterns 1st
Barbara Pirkle Garden solar lights 1st
Beth Cornelson Photography Custom picture frames Both
Betty Adams Food Kettle corn. Corn dogs Both
Betty Owens Mixed media Umbrellas Both
Betty Willis Accessories Childrens accessories 1st
Bhea Barcarse Accessories, Fabric Fabric accessories and jewelry 1st
Bill Click Non Profit Toys for Tots and Wounded Warrior Both
Billie Jo Williams Plants Pitcher Plants Both
Billy Berger Wood, Jewelry knives, arrowheads, bows and arrows 2nd
BJ Weeks Herbal Honey, beeswax candles Both
Bob McGinnis Food Chicken sandwiches, tenders, fries Both
Brandy Goldberg Fabric Accessories with fabric flowers Both
Brandy Myers Fabric, Clothing, Accessories Sewn apparel & acccessories Both
Brenda Logan Accessories, Fabric fabric coiled baskets 1st
Brenda Romero Artwork Painted seascapes 1st
Bryan Nash Games/toys Rock climbing wall/bungee/zip line Both
Canzady Dotson Clothing Southern themed shirts Both
Caroline Sandlin Jewelry Jewelry both
Cat Goodrum Accessories, Fabric Vintage bags, clothing, acessories 1st
Chandler Collar Clay - functional Pottery and homemade knives 2nd
Charlene Wooten Fabric Quilted & crocheted items Both
Cheryl Banks Herbal potpourri, candles & garlands Both
Cheryl Corbitt Wood Swing/light wood Both
Chris McLaughlin Artwork Pencil renderings Both
Chris Schniering Photography Landscape photography Both
Chrissy Collins Misc Body art Both
Christy Diamond Food Gifts Gourmet apples Both
Christy O'Conner Jewelry Jewelry Both
Cicily Sykes Fabric Aprons, Mitts and Chef hats Both
Cinda Hayes Non Profit Raffles for donations Both
Cindy Hollenbeck Fabric Crocheted accessories Both
Connie Lockhart Glass lighted bottles Both
Connie Reuss Food gifts, Fabric Jellies and handspun yarns Both
Cyndi Roach Fabric collegiate items Both
Dale Dunn Wood Rustic wood signs 2nd
Dan Finerman Wood US Post Office saving banks Both
Dan Lary Herbal Candles 1ST
Dana Godsey Fabric Hand sewn pictures Both
Dana Minette Pierce Glass, Accessories Stained glass suncatchers, jewelery, lanterns 1st
Dancia Watkins Clay - functional Ceramics Both
Darlene DeLaurelle Food Gifts Mini doughnuts Both
Dave & Michelle Wilson Food Roasted corn Both
David Leonard Wood paracord, wood jewelry craft supplies Both
David Sinquefield Furniture Outdoor furniture Both
David Stanley Wood Turned pens in wood and antlers Both
David Wade Clothing Tshirts & Souveniers Both
Dawn Newbern Artwork Canvas art Both
Debbie Thigpen Metal Enamel on copper accessories Both
Deborah Sherman Jewelry Birthstone jewelry Both
Dee Boudreaux Food Cajun food Both
Derek Belflower Clay - nonfunctional Pottery - face jugs Both
Devaughn Ross Wood Log furniture 1st
Dick Mathews Wood Walking sticks Both
Donald Keyser Food Gifts Packaged foods Both
Donna Lamberth Fabric, Games/toys doll clothes & accessories Both
Donna Morgan Accessories Ladies accessories Both
Doug Rondeau Fabric Alpaca Fiber products Both
Dru Craig Wood, Photography Photomat boards Both
Ed Knapp Photography Folk Art Pictures Both
Ed & Celia Scheffer Furniture Antique reproduction furntiure Both
Elaine Whittemore Wood Log Birdhouses & feeders Both
Ernie Ward Clay - functional Porcelain light switch covers, lighting accessories, plant sticks Both
Evelyn Padgett Glass lighted glass bottles Both
Faye Wallis Wood Wooden bowls, vases, and accessories Both
Faye Westphal Wood Wooden santas & snowmen Both
Gayle Oliver Herbal Shea butter soaps Both
Gene Brighton Mixed media Juggling batons, bottle cap art 2nd
George Southgate Games/toys Bible story caboose Both
Giles Bowers Photography Photography 1st
Hal & Brenda Jones Wood Wooden Puzzles Both
Helen Craig Jewelry Jewelry Both
Holly Nash Misc Face Painting Both
Hope Lutheran Church Food Bratswurst Both
Inge Creager Misc Carved eggshells Both
Iris Korthauer Accessories scarves & doilies 1ST
Jackie Foureau Non Profit Animal rescue items Both
Jackie Highfield Fabric Signs and ceramic tiles Both
Jacob & Sam Callihan Food BBQ Both
James Britt Leather LEATHER ACCESSORIES - outside Both
James Laney Clay - functional Stoneware pottery 2nd
James Ledbetter Jewelry Spoon jewelry Both
Jan Ballew Food Gifts Apple bread, doughnuts Both
Jana Rife Herbal Soaps, lipbalms, bath salts 2nd
Janet Byrd Metal, Jewelry Wind chimes, jewelry 2nd
Janice Atkinson Food Pork skins, cotton candy Both
Janice Hale Agriculture Orchard Information Both
Jeanne Mack Artwork Watercolors & acrylics 1ST
Jeff Harris Wood Birdhouse & birdfeeders Both
Jeff & Ann Martin Wood wooden toys Both
Jenna Brawley Accessories, Fabric Ladies & girls reversible clothing 2nd
Jennifer Cartwright Food Gifts Flavored popcorn 1st
Jerry & Jane Lashley Wood Cypress & Pine Furniture Both
Jerry & Patty Vick Food Funnel cakes & boiled peanuts Both
Jim Zhang Artwork Asian acrylics artwork 2nd
Jim and Theresa Owens Mixed media Tire swings, bird feeders 1st
Jimmy Thompson Non Profit Energy efficiency 1st
JoAnn Smith Fabric, Clothing Knitted & crocheted apparel Both
Jody & Ray Swords Wood Birdhouses Both
Joe & Sandy Galloway Glass Fused Glass Items Both
John, Lance, Judy Zeigler Metal Hand-forged iron work demo Both
Johnny Lynn Photography Photography Both
Jon Morgan Food gifts Organic granola, energy bars, cookies 2nd
Joyce Miller Food Beef jerky Both
Juanita Fisher Furniture PET RAMPS 1st
Judy Parman Fabric cinammon hot pads Both
Julie Wagner Food Snow cones & drinks Both
June Taylor Herbal Cinammon d�cor Both
Kara Wardlaw Non Profit Raffle quilt Both
Karen Maury Jewelry Engravable & beaded jewelry 1st
Kathy Chapman Jewelry Metal and stone Jewelry 2nd
Kathy Ryan Mixed media Lighted pinecone baskets Both
Kay & Ingram Cornelius Accessories Hats Both
Kayla McCann Children's activity Balloon artist Both
Ken & Gail Sears Food Root beer, roasted corn, fried pies Both
Kevin Patterson Furniture Wood & metal furntiure & accessories 2nd
Kevin Wilburn Food gifts Pre-packaged rum cakes Both
Kimberly Miller Paper Personalized poems & prints Both
Kris Addison Wood, Furniture Cedar folding chairs and tables Both
Kristin Durrence Accessories Hairbows 1st
Laura & Miguel Estrada Mixed media Concrete statues Both
Leo Club Food Cokes Both
Leslie Miller Oil painting oil on canvas 2nd
Linda Boyd Fabric Loon-woven rugs 1st
Linda Ingle Jewelry Jewelry 1ST
Linda Langford Accessories Purses, hair bows & glass beaded items 1ST
Linda Logue Jewelry Handstamped jewelry 1st
Lisa Johnson Wood Crates and spice racks Both
Lisa Singleton Floral, clay - functional Ceramics, floral, and wreaths Both
Lisa Vinyard Clay - functions Cement birdbaths leaf shaped 2nd
Lou Consoli Food gift Pickles & pickle products Both
Mal McEwen Mixed media Chainsaw artist Both
Margie Koeppl Musical Sand dollar ornaments & magnets Both
Marie Motes Food Gifts Cheesestraws & Divinity Both
Marilyn Bennett Floral, Fabric Floral, quilts, mailbox covers 1st
Mark Puckett Wood, Children toys Wooden children toys 1st
Mary Ellen Boutelle Glass Stained glass mosaic 2nd
Maryelin Zapata Leather Leather accessories 2nd
Max Newby Furniture Hammock chairs Both
Megan Austin Jewelry Gold and silver jewelry with glass stones Both
Melanie McMahon Accessories hats, hairbows, accessories 1ST
Melissa Chamberlain Jewelry, Accessories Jewelry and beltbuckles 2nd
Michael Crum Food gifts BBQ sauce and spices Both
Michael Grant Wood Log Homes Both
Mickey Jones Games/toys Train Ride Both
Nathan Scranton Furniture Wine Barrel Furntiture both
Nelms Creekmur Metal Blacksmith 1st
Otis Moore Non Profit Kennel, dog accessories Both
Our Lady of the Mtn Church Food Pizza Both
Pam Beaird Food Gifts Salsa, preserves Both
Pat Lewis Wood Painted wood items Both
Peggy Eaton Accessories Hats and headbands for girls 2nd
Peggy Gilbert Food Funnel Cakes, fried oreos Both
Peggy Gilmore Mixed media Nature crafts Both
Pete Lawson Glass Glass yard & garden art 1st
Phil & Mary Ann Wood Food Ice cream, hotdogs, hamburgers Both
Ralph & Tammy Daniels Photography Alphabet photo art Both
Ramona Small Fabric Sewn items 2nd
Renee McLean Food gifts Caramel candy and caramel sauce Both
Rhenda Booth Non Profit Cookies and Info flyers 1st
Rhonda Aldridge Mixed media Plant rooters, chimes, crystal ornaments Both
Richard Morgan Mixed media Military engravings Both
Rick Herod Wood Rustic coolers both
Rick & Julie Ruth Clay - functional Marble items Both
Rick & Sue Malsnee Clay - functional Pottery Both
Robert Lique Non Profit Wreaths across America Both
Robert Morris Food Rootbeer Both
Robert Parris Food apple dumplings Both
Roger & Sherry Sexton Food mixes Herbs, spices Both
Ron & Sharon Sutek Jewelry Jewelry 1st
Ronald Carroll Wood Carpenter bee traps 2nd
Ronnie Smith Food Southwestern Both
Ross Toussaint Food Crepes, Belgian waffles, Brazilian BBQ Both
Roy Guess Photography Paintings/mosaics both
Rudy Schenek Wood Oak barrels 1st
Sadie Eubanks Food Gifts Pralines Both
Sam Mace Wood wood branding & birds 1ST
Sam Mihyar Food Gyros & wraps Both
Sandi Click Non Profit Raffle for quilt Both
Sandra Walczak Jewelry Jewelry Both
Sara Stansbury Herbal Organic soap, oils, cosmetics 2nd
Sara & Mike Goodson Wood Yard art & wood crafts Both
Scott Allen Games/toys Pony & Camel rides Both
Scott Hornbaker Metal Metal yard art Both
Scott Smith Food gifts, Games/toys Tea, pretzels, and gem mining Both
Shawn Newton Food Gifts Dog treats 1st
Sheila Putnam Wood Cheese and bread boards 1st
Sherry Todd Mixed media Butterfly feeders 1ST
Shirley & Kenny Horah Glass Etched Stones, glass & decorative bottles Both
Shirley & Sam Harper Furniture, Accessories Gourd art & crocheted hats Both
Skeet Pinion Food Ice cream, fried pickles, Both
Sonia Beard Food Gifts, Pets Dog treats 1st
Stathia Hammond Glass Painted windows Both
Stephanie Williams Fabric Crocheted hats Both
Steve Matthews Food Gifts Fudge, roasted almonds & nuts Both
Susan Calderwood Fabric Aprons and Chef hats Both
Suzanne Tart Jewelry Paracord, Button necklaces Both
Sydney Young Metal Copper wall art Both
Tammie Hulse Mixed media painted signs, seasonal both
Tammy & Jimmy Bennett Herbal Candles, aroma crystals Both
Tammy & Michael Hohol Photography picture frames and mats Both
Tarik Berbey Metal metal bottle holders 2nd
Ted Cooper Artwork Framed art Both
Terry Benefield Metal Metal yard art Both
Terry Zipperman Jewelry Jewelry Both
Theresa Rogers Fabric Crocheting 1st
Tom Abrams Food gift Drink mixes Both
Tom & Janet Jenkins Herbal Candles Both
Tony Mitchell Furniture distressed furniture Both
Traci Thompson Jewelry, Floral Charm name jewelry, holiday floral Both
Vallie Miller Accessories pet clothing and products 2nd
Vicki Butler Food Funnel Cakes, fried oreos Both
Vicki Gross Wood signs & wood items Both
Vickie Davis Food gifts Caramels apples Both
Victoria Spinnler Floral, Glass, Clay - functional Florals, Marble, and Crystal Both
Vince McDowell Mixed media KNIVES Both
Wamble Poulin Wood Native American wood items Both
Wendy Riley Games/Toys Personalized sing along tapes 1st
Winston Patrick Glass Handblown glass 1st